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Wholesale Rover Vaporizer, Durability Meets Innovation for the Ultimate Wax Experience.
Product Details

Handheld and Portable

The Rover by Dip Devices is a handheld vaporizer that delivers an authentic dab rig experience in a portable format. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, allowing you to enjoy your concentration wherever you are

Coil-less Quartz Cup

The Rover features a coil-less quartz cup design, which provides an even and accurate burn. This design ensures that your concentrate is evenly heated, resulting in a rich, full-flavored vaping experience.

Durable Battery

With a battery capacity of 900mAh, the Rover is designed to last. It uses a USB-C connection for charging, ensuring that you can easily power up your device whenever you need to

Powerful, Flavorful Hits

Thanks to its innovative airflow technology and terp pearls, the Rover evenly heats concentrates to deliver robust, full-flavor dabs. This technology ensures you get the most out of your concentrate, providing a satisfying and flavorful experience every time.

Easy to Clean

The Rover is easy to use and straightforward to clean. With just a Q-tip and alcohol, you can keep your vaporizer looking and functioning like new.

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