V-Syndicate Wholesale | Best Rolling Trays & Grinders | Affordable Smoking Accessories

V-Syndicate is renowned for revolutionizing the smoking accessory market with innovative, high-quality products. TokersHub is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of V-Syndicate items, including their iconic rolling trays and grinders, designed to enhance the smoking experience for retailers and consumers.

High-Quality Rolling Trays

V-Syndicate's rolling trays are crafted with the user in mind. They feature flat, smooth surfaces and curved edges for a seamless rolling experience. These trays are functional and expressive in various cool designs, with artwork ranging from classic stoner motifs to original, trippy visuals.

Innovative Grinders

The brand's grinders, including the SharpShred line, come with sharp teeth to cut through the flowers quickly, ensuring a fine grind for a perfect smoke. These grinders are available in various sizes and designs, catering to different preferences and needs.

Affordable Smoking Accessories

Beyond trays and grinders, V-Syndicate offers a range of smoking accessories like scales and stash jars, all at affordable prices. These accessories are designed to complement the smoking ritual, making preparation and storage both convenient and stylish.

Wholesale Opportunities

For retailers, V-Syndicate provides wholesale and bulk order options, with the possibility of customizing products to suit brand or shop needs. This makes it easy for businesses to stock up on popular items and offer customers high-quality accessories at competitive prices.


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