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G Pen has established itself as a leading innovator in the world of portable vaporization, offering a diverse lineup of devices that cater to the modern cannabis consumer's needs. As a wholesale supplier, TokersHub is excited to provide customers with G Pen's cutting-edge products, ensuring that users can access some of the market's most advanced and user-friendly vaporizers and dab rigs.

Portable Weed Vaporizers for On-the-Go Use

G Pen's portable vaporizers, such as the G Pen Dash, are designed for discreet and convenient use. These devices are compact, easy to use, and engineered to provide a pure and flavorful vapor from dry herbs, making them perfect for consumers who value mobility and efficiency.

Advanced Electronic Dab Rigs

G Pen offers electronic dab rigs like the G Pen Hyer and G Pen Connect for concentrate enthusiasts. These rigs are known for their precision temperature control and high-quality vapor production, providing a seamless and potent dabbing experience without a torch.

Elite Devices for the Discerning User

The G Pen Elite is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and performance. This vaporizer is celebrated for its ergonomic design, large ceramic heating chamber, and precise temperature settings, offering a premium vaporization experience for dry herb users.

Micro+ Connect for Versatility

The G Pen Micro+ Connect is a versatile device that caters to dry herb and concentrate users. Its innovative design allows easy switching between materials, making it a multi-functional tool for those who enjoy the full spectrum of cannabis products.

Competitive Wholesale Prices

TokersHub's partnership with G Pen allows for competitive wholesale pricing across the entire range of products. This ensures that retailers can stock up on popular G Pen items and offer them to customers at attractive prices. At the same time, individual buyers can enjoy the benefits of advanced vaporization technology at an affordable cost.


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