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Wholesale Glass Tubes: Bongs, Beakers, and Straight Tubes

TokersHub proudly presents a comprehensive selection of wholesale glass tubes, including classic bongs, beakers, and straight lines with designs like bent necks. Our collection is curated to cater to all preferences, ensuring every smoker finds their perfect match. Despite the high quality and diverse range, we maintain low prices to support retailers in offering great value to their customers.

Classic and Modern Designs for Every Smoker

Our inventory spans traditional beaker bongs, known for their stability and large water volume, to sleek straight tubes delivering powerful hits. We also feature glass bongs with bent necks, designed to offer a more comfortable smoking experience by preventing splashback. Each piece is crafted to function optimally and appeal aesthetically to a wide range of customers, from beginners to seasoned smokers.

High-quality glass at Wholesale Prices

Quality is paramount at TokersHub. Our glass tubes are made from durable, high-grade glass to ensure longevity and a premium smoking experience. By offering these quality pieces at wholesale prices, we enable retailers to attract a broad customer base with affordable options that do not compromise performance or design.

Easy Online Shopping and Fast Shipping

TokersHub is committed to simplifying the wholesale purchasing process. Our online platform is designed for easy navigation, allowing retailers to effortlessly browse our selection of glass tubes, place orders, and manage their inventory. We prioritize fast shipping to ensure that your business remains well-stocked and ready to meet the demands of your customers promptly.


  1. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Green-16 inch-MK-133
  2. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Pink-16 inch-MK-1330
  3. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Clear-16 inch-MK-133
  4. Archangel 15" Beaker Bong
    Archangel 15" Beaker Bong
    Code: Clear-15in-MK-1030
  5. Bio Grid 15" Frit Beaker Bong
    Bio Grid 15" Frit Beaker Bong
    Code: Red-White-15in-MK-10
  6. Clear US-Made Bongs
    Clear US-Made Bongs
    Code: WP217-Clear
  7. Coat of Arms 14" Beaker Bong
    Coat of Arms 14" Beaker Bong
    Code: Pink-14in-MK-1037
  8. Crystallized 12" Straight Tube
    Crystallized 12" Straight Tube
    Code: Frit-12in-MK-1070
  9. DNA Codex 14" Beaker Bong
    DNA Codex 14" Beaker Bong
    Code: White-14in-MK-1035
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