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Wig Wag US Reversal Glass Blowing Art
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Wig Wag Heady Smoking Bowls for Waterpipes, Bongs, Recyclers, and Dab Rigs - Size 14mm Male

Dive into the vivid world of Wig Wag Heady Smoking Bowls, the perfect addition for waterpipes, bongs, recyclers, and dab rigs. These bowls are designed in the popular size of 14mm male, ensuring they fit seamlessly with a wide range of smoking apparatuses. Each piece showcases the intricate and colorful wig wag pattern, a hallmark of heady glass artistry. This technique involves expertly twisting and layering colored glass to create a psychedelic, swirling effect that makes each bowl unique and visually stunning.

Crafted from durable, high-quality glass, these bowls are robust and provide a pure and unadulterated smoking experience. The 14mm male joint size is universally compatible, making these bowls a versatile choice for various types of smoking equipment. They are particularly suited for those who enjoy the aesthetics of their smoking accessories as much as the functionality.

Ideal for both personal use and as standout pieces in a collection, these Wig Wag Heady Smoking Bowls add a touch of artistic flair to any session. Whether you use them for dry herbs in a bong or as part of a more elaborate dab rig setup, these bowls will surely impress with their unique design and reliable performance. They are a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the blend of art and utility in their smoking accessories.



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