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Wholesale Bongs Under $10: Affordable Quality

TokersHub offers an array of wholesale bongs and dab rigs priced under $10, catering to retailers seeking to provide cost-effective options to their customers. Our selection includes a variety of styles and designs, ensuring that even at lower price points, there's no compromise on quality. These affordable bongs and dab rigs are perfect for retailers looking to expand their inventory with products that cater to budget-conscious consumers.

Diverse Range of Low-Cost Smoking Solutions

Our under $10 range features bongs and dab rigs in various shapes and sizes, designed to suit the preferences of a broad customer base. From simple, classic designs to more contemporary styles, each piece is priced to offer great value. These low-cost options are ideal for customers new to smoking or those looking for a spare part without a significant investment.

High-quality products at Unbeatable Wholesale Prices

TokersHub is committed to providing high-quality smoking accessories at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our under $10 bongs and dab rigs are crafted from durable materials to ensure they stand up to regular use. By offering these products at such affordable prices, we enable retailers to attract a broad audience and provide great deals that customers will appreciate.

Easy Online Ordering and Reliable Shipping

We strive to make wholesale buying convenient for our retail partners. Our online platform is straightforward, allowing retailers to quickly browse our selection of affordable bongs and dab rigs, place orders, and manage their inventory. We understand the importance of reliable shipping, so we work diligently to ensure that orders are processed and shipped promptly, keeping your business well-stocked and ready to serve your customers.


  1. Affordable Cheap Bongs
    Affordable Cheap Bongs
    Code: WP209-Clear
  2. Bent Neck Chugger Percolated
    Bent Neck Chugger Percolated
    Code: WP122-Mixed
  3. Cappuccino Cup Dab Rig
    Cappuccino Cup Dab Rig
    Code: WP113-Mixed
  4. Colored Showerhead Rig
    Colored Showerhead Rig
    Code: WP125-Mixed
  5. Colored Zong Bongs Fun Smoke
    Colored Zong Bongs Fun Smoke
    Code: WP195-Mixed
  6. Donut Water Recyclers
    Donut Water Recyclers
    Code: WP69-Mixed
  7. Double Bubble Dab Rig
    Double Bubble Dab Rig
    Code: WP143-Mixed
  8. Drop Dome Showerhead
    Drop Dome Showerhead
    Code: WP141-Mixed
  9. Honey Dip Bubblers
    Honey Dip Bubblers
    Code: BUB32-Mixed
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