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Wholesale Wide Chamber Bongs: Multi-Stage Filtration

TokersHub is delighted to present our selection of vast wholesale chamber bongs featuring multi-stage filtration systems for an enhanced smoking experience. These unique bongs are characterized by their wide shape, which allows for additional smoke cooling and diffusion. Crafted from thick glass, these bongs are designed to be both durable and functional. Retailers can use our competitive wholesale prices to offer these distinctive bongs to customers seeking a high-quality smoking accessory.

Unique Wide Shape for Superior Filtration

The wide chamber design of these bongs is not just for aesthetic appeal; it serves a functional purpose by providing ample space for smoke to cool and for percolators to diffuse the smoke effectively. This results in a smoother and more enjoyable hit. The multi-stage filtration system ensures that each inhale is purified and cooled to perfection, making these bongs a hit among customers who prioritize a clean and potent smoking experience.

Thick Glass Construction at Wholesale Rates

Durability is a critical factor in the design of our wide chamber bongs. Made from thick, high-quality glass, these bongs are built to last and withstand the rigors of regular use. Despite their robust construction, we offer these bongs wholesale rates, allowing retailers to provide a premium product without the price tag.

Shop Online for Wide Chamber Bongs at Wholesale Prices

TokersHub is your reliable online source for wholesale vast chamber bongs. Our website is designed for easy navigation, enabling retailers to browse our selection, make purchases, and manage their inventory effortlessly. We are committed to providing fast shipping to ensure that your orders are fulfilled promptly, keeping your business well-stocked and ready to cater to your customers' needs.


  1. Kalinanda 11" Dab Rig
    Kalinanda 11" Dab Rig
    Code: Light-Blue-11in-WH-2
  2. Slime Colored Waterpipe
    Slime Colored Waterpipe
    Code: WP33-Slime Green
  3. 9-Millimeter Shower Head
    9-Millimeter Shower Head
    Code: WP13-Slime Green
  4. Chugger Percolated
    Chugger Percolated
    Code: WP27-US Purple
  5. Dome Chugger Inline
    Dome Chugger Inline
    Code: WP73-Mixed
  6. Donut Hole Beaker
    Donut Hole Beaker
    Code: WP94-Mixed
  7. Donut Jelly Fish Flow
    Donut Jelly Fish Flow
    Code: WP81-Mixed
  8. Illuminati Glass
    Illuminati Glass
    Code: WP34-Orange
  9. Illuminati Glass
    Illuminati Glass
    Code: WP34-Blue
  10. Illuminati Glass Bongs
    Illuminati Glass Bongs
    Code: WP34-Yellow
  11. Reticello Bubble Base
    Reticello Bubble Base
    Code: WP76-Mixed
  12. Reversal 16-Arm Tree Perc
    Reversal 16-Arm Tree Perc
    Code: WP27-Teal Blue
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