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Wholesale Straight Tube Bongs: Scientific and Durable

TokersHub is proud to offer a robust selection of wholesale straight-tube bongs known for their scientific design and heavy-duty construction. Our straight-tube bongs are made from tank-like glass, ensuring durability and a long-lasting smoking experience. These bongs are favored for their direct and consequential hits, making them popular among seasoned smokers. Retailers can access these high-quality bongs at competitive prices through our online wholesale distribution.

Scientific Design for a Powerful Smoking Experience

Straight-tube bongs are celebrated for their simplicity and efficiency. The straight design allows for quick and powerful hits, while the minimalistic look appeals to those who appreciate a scientific aesthetic. Our straight-tube bongs are equipped with sturdy bases, ensuring stability and reducing the likelihood of accidents. The clear, heavy-duty glass looks sleek and easy to clean, maintaining a pure taste for every session.

Tank Glass Bongs at Wholesale Prices

Quality is crucial at TokersHub, and our straight-tube bongs are no exception. Crafted from tank-like glass, these bongs are built to withstand the test of time. Despite their robust construction, we offer these bongs wholesale prices, allowing retailers to stock high-quality, affordable, and reliable products.

Your Online Wholesale Distributor with Fast Shipping

TokersHub is dedicated to being your go-to online wholesale distributor for straight tube bongs. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for retailers to browse our selection, place orders, and manage their inventory efficiently. We understand the importance of fast shipping in keeping your business running smoothly, so we prioritize quick order processing and delivery, ensuring that you receive your products promptly.


  1. Crystallized 12" Straight Tube
    Crystallized 12" Straight Tube
    Code: Frit-12in-MK-1070
  2. Kalinanda 11" Dab Rig
    Kalinanda 11" Dab Rig
    Code: Light-Blue-11in-WH-2
  3. Nuclear 12" Straight Tube
    Nuclear 12" Straight Tube
    Code: Clear-12in-MK-1024
  4. Single Arm Chugger
    Single Arm Chugger
    Code: WP37-Purple
  5. Slime Colored Waterpipe
    Slime Colored Waterpipe
    Code: WP33-Slime Green
  6. Squared 12" Straight Tube
    Squared 12" Straight Tube
    Code: Clear-12in-MK-1025
  7. Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Code: Clear-16in-MX-401-1
  8. Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Code: Dark-Blue-16in-MX-40
  9. Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Bio Mark Waves 16" Straight Tube
    Code: Green-16in-MX-401-3
  10. Chamber Smoke Diffusion
    Chamber Smoke Diffusion
    Code: WP29-Pink
  11. Double 8-Leg Tree Percolated
    Double 8-Leg Tree Percolated
    Code: WP36-Slime Green
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