Item Types

Wholesale Glass Pipes

Our wholesale glass pipes are crafted with precision and designed for durability. Available in various styles, including spoon pipes, chillums, and steamrollers, these pipes cater to different smoking preferences. Each piece is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Perfect for retailers looking to stock up on reliable and aesthetically pleasing glass pipes.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are a staple in any smoke shop, and our selection offers functionality and style. These bongs feature a broad base for stability and are designed to provide smooth, filtered hits. Available in various sizes and designs, including those with percolators and ice catchers, our beaker bongs are perfect for both novice and experienced smokers. Made from durable glass, they are built to last and provide an exceptional smoking experience.

Water Pipes

Our wholesale water pipes come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different smoking needs. From classic straight tubes to more complex designs with multiple chambers and percolators, these water pipes offer superior filtration and cooling. Each piece is crafted from high-quality glass and designed to enhance the flavor and smoothness of the smoke. They are ideal for retailers offering their customers a diverse range of water pipes.

Straight Dab Rigs

Our straight dab rigs provide concentrate enthusiasts with a clean and efficient dabbing experience. These rigs are designed with simplicity and functionality, featuring straight tubes allowing easy airflow and minimal drag. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, our straight dab rigs are durable and easy to clean. They are perfect for beginners and seasoned dabbers looking for a reliable, straightforward rig.

Percolator Recyclers

Percolator recyclers are the pinnacle of smoking technology, offering continuous filtration and cooling. Our selection of percolator recyclers includes intricate designs that look impressive and provide an unparalleled smoking experience. These recyclers feature multiple percolators and chambers that ensure the smoke is thoroughly filtered and cooled before inhalation. Crafted from premium glass, these pieces are functional and visually stunning, making them a must-have for any serious smoker.

Wholesale Heady Bongs and American-made Dab Rigs

Tokers Hub offers a comprehensive range of glass products to cater to various smoking preferences and needs. Their product lineup includes bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs, recyclers, beakers, straight shooters, and percolated bongs. These products are available in various designs and styles, ensuring that there is something for every smoker. Whether you prefer the stability of a beaker bong, the direct hits of a straight shooter, or the advanced filtration of a percolator, Tokers Hub has you covered.
Purchasing wholesale glass products from Tokers Hub offers several benefits. First, they provide competitive pricing, allowing retailers to maximize their profitability. Second, Tokers Hub sources its products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and durability. Additionally, their extensive inventory means that retailers can find a wide variety of products to meet their customers' diverse needs. Fast and reliable shipping ensures that orders arrive promptly, helping retailers maintain their stock levels efficiently.
Placing a wholesale order with Tokers Hub is straightforward. Retailers can visit the Tokers Hub website and register for a wholesale account. Once registered, they can browse the extensive catalog of products, add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout. Tokers Hub's user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage orders and track shipments. For any assistance, their dedicated customer service team is available to help with order inquiries and provide support throughout the purchasing process.
Tokers Hub offers a range of shipping options to accommodate different needs. Standard shipping is available for most orders, with expedited shipping options for those requiring faster delivery. Tokers Hub's strategic location in Ontario, California, allows for efficient shipping across the USA. They prioritize fast and reliable shipping to ensure that retailers receive their orders promptly. Retailers can track their shipments through the Tokers Hub website, providing transparency and peace of mind.
Yes, Tokers Hub frequently offers special deals and discounts for their wholesale customers. Retailers can sign up for the Tokers Hub newsletter to receive updates on exclusive offers and promotions. These discounts can help retailers save money and increase their profit margins. Additionally, Tokers Hub provides bulk pricing for larger orders, making it more cost-effective for retailers to stock up on popular items.
Tokers Hub is known for its reliability and commitment to quality. They offer only the highest quality products that meet rigorous standards, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their competitive pricing and extensive product selection make them a preferred choice for retailers. Tokers Hub also focuses on building strong relationships with their partners, providing dedicated support and resources to help businesses grow. Their fast and reliable shipping, combined with a user-friendly online platform, ensures a seamless wholesale purchasing experience.


  1. Air Circuit 7″ Dab Rig
    Air Circuit 7″ Dab Rig
    Code: Clear-7 inch-MK2-4-1
  2. Air Circuit 7″ Dab Rig
    Air Circuit 7″ Dab Rig
    Code: Smoke-7 inch-MK2-4-2
  3. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Green-16 inch-MK-133
  4. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Pink-16 inch-MK-1330
  5. Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Alien Artifacts 16" Beaker Bong
    Code: Clear-16 inch-MK-133
  6. Arachna Zombies 9.5" Dab Rig
    Arachna Zombies 9.5" Dab Rig
    Code: Slime-9.5in-WH-164
  7. Archangel 15" Beaker Bong
    Archangel 15" Beaker Bong
    Code: Clear-15in-MK-1030
  8. Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Code: Clear-9in-MK-1339-2
  9. Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Code: Smoke-9in-MK-1340-2
  10. Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Area 51 9" Dab Rig
    Code: Slime-9in-MK-1342
  11. Bio Grid 15" Frit Beaker Bong
    Bio Grid 15" Frit Beaker Bong
    Code: Red-White-15in-MK-10
  12. Circuit Board 6" Dab Rig
    Circuit Board 6" Dab Rig
    Code: Clear-6in-MK-018
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