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Wholesale Mini Recycler Dab Rigs

TokersHub offers a specialized selection of medium-sized and mini-recycler dab rigs at wholesale prices. These mini recyclers are perfect for those who prefer a compact and portable oil bubbler rig without sacrificing the functionality and quality of a standard recycler. Our affordable wholesale pricing makes these mini recyclers accessible to many customers, ensuring that retailers can provide high-quality options for every budget.

Compact Design with Full Recycler Functionality

Despite their smaller size, our mini recycler dab rigs come with the full functionality of their larger counterparts. They are designed to provide excellent smoke filtration and cooling within a more manageable form factor. Ideal for home and on-the-go use, these rigs offer a smooth smoking experience, making them a popular choice among consumers who value efficiency and portability.

Affordable Quality for Retailers and Consumers

We understand the importance of balancing cost and quality. Our mini recycler dab rigs are affordable, allowing retailers to offer a high-quality product that appeals to budget-conscious customers. By stocking these mini recyclers, retailers can cater to a growing market of dab enthusiasts looking for premium features at a reasonable price point.

Streamlined Wholesale Purchasing and Reliable Shipping

At TokersHub, we prioritize a hassle-free wholesale purchasing experience. Our online platform is straightforward, making it easy for retailers to order and restock mini recycler dab rigs. We are committed to reliable shipping, ensuring that orders are processed and delivered swiftly so retailers can keep up with the demand for these sought-after products.


  1. Kabuki Recycler 8.5” Dab Rig
    Kabuki Recycler 8.5” Dab Rig
    Code: Pink-8.5in-MK-1310
  2. Kabuki Recycler 8.5” Dab Rig
    Kabuki Recycler 8.5” Dab Rig
    Code: Teal-8.5in-MK-1311
  3. Affordable Double Water Recyclers
    Affordable Double Water Recyclers
    Code: WP139-Mixed
  4. All Included Dab Rig
    All Included Dab Rig
    Code: WP20-Jade Blue
  5. Box Value Dab Rigs
    Box Value Dab Rigs
    Code: WP20-Slime Green
  6. Donut Water Recyclers
    Donut Water Recyclers
    Code: WP69-Mixed
  7. Double Drain Colored Recyclers
    Double Drain Colored Recyclers
    Code: WP64-Mixed
  8. Dox Value Dab Rigs
    Dox Value Dab Rigs
    Code: WP20-Slime Pink
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