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Wholesale Cosmic Rover Vaporizer, Embrace the Universe of Vaping Excellence.
ColorCosmic Pink
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Wholesale Dip Devices Rover Vaporizer in Cosmic - A Galactic Journey Beyond Conventional Vaping.

Journey through the stars with the Rover Vaporizer in the mesmerizing 'Cosmic' shade, brought exclusively by Dip Devices. As a proud wholesale distributor, we present this state-of-the-art vaporizer intricately designed for wax and concentrates. The ethereal cosmic color not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also embodies the vastness of the vaping experience it offers.


  • Color: Cosmic - a deep, celestial hue reminiscent of a starlit sky.
  • Material: Constructed with top-tier materials, ensuring maximum durability and longevity.
  • Functionality: Boasting unmatched responsiveness, users can fine-tune and customize their sessions.
  • Battery: Designed for sustained use, with rapid charging capabilities.
  • Heating Element: Ensures efficient and uniform heating, drawing out the essence of your concentrates.
  • Temperature Settings: Multiple levels, allowing users to set their desired intensity.


  •         Preparation: Ensure the Cosmic Rover Vaporizer is fully charged. Clean its chamber from any old residues.
  •         Loading: Delicately introduce your wax or concentrate into the chamber using the dab tool.
  •         Activation: Power on with a simple touch of its responsive button.
  •         Temperature Choice: Navigate the temperature settings until you find your ideal warmth.
  •         Inhalation: Upon reaching the set temperature, breathe softly through the mouthpiece.
  •         Completion: Turn off post-session and clean for longevity and consistent performance.

As the leading wholesale distributor, we are thrilled to offer you the Cosmic Rover Vaporizer, ensuring every vaping experience is out of this world.



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